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Financial Research and Learning Lab

BMC Certification

Bloomberg Certificates Instructions

In Bloomberg, you can complete multiple tutorials which can lead to certificates. To complete these you are required to sign up on Bloomberg Terminal in the Lab.

To find detailed instructions on how to access the Terminal, please click here.

The completion of the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Certificate requires the completion of following modules:

  1. Economic Indicators
  2. Currencies
  3. Fixed Income, and 
  4. Equities 

You can also complete the following extra modules to help you on your journey of navigating the Bloomberg Terminal:

  • Terminal Basics: Learn to navigate the Bloomberg terminal
  • Commodities: Learn the fundamentals of commodities with a focus on oil.
  • Equity Options: Learn the unique language that is used.
  • Portfolio Management: Learn the role of a Portfolio Management and the tools available on Bloomberg.


ESG Certification

You can also complete the ESG certificate by completing the core modules as well.