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The Ethics Learning Lab

The CFA Institute Ethics Learning Lab is FREE to all affiliated universities, and the programs and resources in the Learning Lab are highly engaging and offer a premier learning experience. In the Lab, you will find a program on ‘Ethical Decision Making’ and four programs that teach the CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct arranged topically:

  • Professionalism
  • Transparency and Disclosure
  • Trading and Analysis
  • Interactions with Clients
Register here.
Asset Classes Quiz

CFA Institute have built a free interactive “Asset Classes” quiz for undergraduate and postgraduate students using real CFA Level I Exam questions aligned by asset class: Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Alternatives.

There are ten questions for each asset class with score out of ten and explanations provided at the end. This is a great way for students to get a flavor for the asset class coverage and exam format of the CFA Program.

Click here to access the quiz.

Preparation Materials

CFA Program Curriculum Box Sets

Level I: Through the library, you can access the Level 1 readings here or here.

Level II: Through the library, you can access the Level 2 readings here or here.

Level III: Through the library, you can access the Level 3 readings here or here.

Practical Skill Modules

Beginning with the February 2024 exam, the CFA Program has been expanded to include practical, relevant skills training to provide candidates with on-the-job application of what they are learning in the curriculum, otherwise known as Practical Skills Modules (PSMs).

In addition to completing the exam, Level I candidates will be required to complete one PSM at each level in order to receive their exam result.

More information can be found on the Practical Skills Module page on the CFA Institute website.

Level I Practice Pack – Supplemental Study Tools for Registered Candidates

Did you know that candidates can greatly increase their chances of exam success by correctly answering 1,000 practice questions and scoring at least 70% on a mock exam in the CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem? Using Artificial Intelligence to analyze aggregate data in the learning platform, we have identified three elements that lead to exam success:  

  • The length of the study plan  
  • The number of practice problems attempted 
  • The number of mock exams completed  

Supplementing study with plenty of practice makes candidates twice as likely to pass as candidates who don’t. The CFA Institute has found that the number of questions attempted is the single most important driver of success.

To help candidates succeed, CFA Institute are now offering an optional Level I Practice Pack for USD 299. It includes 1,000 more practice questions and five additional mock exams to go with the study materials that candidates currently receive as part of registration. This optional add-on also includes one mock exam that candidates take right on the Prometric system, providing them with an real exam-day experience. CFA Institute mock exams are written by the same teams who write the real exam—in fact, the writers do not know which they are writing for.   Learn more about the Level I Practice Pack here.