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Financial Research and Learning Lab

Telfer Asset Management League

Either as personal development, or with the goal of registering a team to the McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC) in late spring, students are invited to join the league.

To register email us at Finlab.

Time & Place

Meetings are held in the Lab every Tuesday from 4-6pm.

Schedule S2024

Date Agenda
April 9 @ 16h00
  • Market Overview
  • Asset Class Analysis
    • Fixed Income
    • Infrastructure
  • Portfolio Analysis 
  • Database Demo
    • TBC
April 16 @ 16h00
  • Market Overview
  • Asset Class Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Database Demo
April 23 @ 16h00
  • Break
April 30 @ 16h00
  • Break
May 7 @ 16h00
  • Market Overview
  • Asset Class Analysis: Fixed Income
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Database Demo: Bloomberg Portfolio function

Schedule W2024

Tuesday: Topic                                  
January 23 @ 16h00

Personal finances & investment choices (Includes Excel spreadsheet link)

January 30 @ 16h00

Investor profile and asset-mix

February 6 @ 16h00

Pension funds, asset allocation & forecasting (Includes Excel spreadsheet link)

February 13 @ 16h00

Portfolio returns  & preview of MIPC 2017 case

February 20 @ 16h00 Reading week
February 27 @ 16h00 MIPC 2019 case review
March 5 @ 16h00 MIPC 2020 case review
March 12 @ 16h00 Strategic & tactical asset allocation

The McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC)

The MIPC provides a rich forum for knowledge and exchange on current sustainability issues, bridges the gap between academia and industry, and provides an excellent experiential learning opportunity for students to tackle real-world problems. 

The MIPC supports the objectives of the CIBC Office of Sustainable Finance by incorporating training, thought leadership, and student engagement aimed at generating new insights and knowledge that will help companies think differently, and more effectively, about incorporating sustainable finance into their investment models.