Financial Research and Learning Lab

Our Role

Along with the Lab Manager, Lab Assistants are available to help with any questions, offer support for the programs and databases offered at the lab, provide 1-on-1 training to students and users and help with various initiatives in order ensure the lab is operating smoothly. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to help!

Lab Assistant Schedule

Lab Assistants

Aayush Gugnani

Aayush is a student of Economics and Political Science at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Social Sciences. He is interested in pursuing a career in law with a focus on financial crimes, intellectual property rights and trademark laws. Aayush has a penchant for global comparative politics, macro and microeconomic frameworks and the financial markets. Through his interests, he has learned to use the different resources available at the lab and is always open to assisting other students to take advantage of all available opportunities.

Anh-Nguyen Nguyen (Bim)

Bim is a Finance student at the Telfer School of Management (uOttawa). He is currently a Portfolio Manager for the Telfer Capital Fund and a Director of Finance for the Telfer Accounting Club. Bim is also very involved in different trading competition, such as Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC), Vanguard Trading Challenge, CME trading challenge. Through these activities, Bim has learned to utilize different lab resources since his first time discovering the database and is always open to sharing his experiences to help other students, especially the first-year students.  Bim is interested in pursuing a career in tech start-up, sales & trading, and risk management. Feel free to come and chat with Bim.

Diana Rakotonirina 

Diana studies in Chemical Engineering, with an option in Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship. She is involved in research, where she regularly works with databases, and conducts literature review. With her experience in pairing the domain of Finances and Engineering, she is eager to introduce the lab and its features to students who wish to know more about the world of business, throughout the entire uOttawa community.