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Financial Research and Learning Lab

The Financial Research and Learning Lab

Access the Lab's Resources:

  • To access the online remote lab click here.
  • For information on databases click here.

Click on the interactive image for more lab details:

The Financial Research and Learning Lab offers a high-quality and technologically advanced environment used to support research and experiential learning at the University of Ottawa. The Lab is designed to emulate a professional trading lab and houses real-time industry-standard products found in the public and private sector. The resources found in the lab have been integrated in many of the capstone and mandatory finance classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The Lab is a lively learning and social hub for students interested in translating classroom theory into practical skills they can leverage into a career in financial services. All training, teaching, and research activities are supported by the Lab Manager and Lab Assistants.

The Lab is equipped with:

  • 34 computer terminals which provide access to standard industry financial databases and software (including 11 Bloomberg terminals);
  • 6 TV screens streaming live news from business channels;
  • Resources to offer workshops, seminars and training sessions.