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Financial Research and Learning Lab

Other Certifications & Webinars


In Factset you can also complete multiple Factset Essentials tutorials which can lead to certificates.  You must first create a Factset account followed by a Factset Learning account | Instructions

  • Core Products: Teaches you how to use its industry tools to analyze multiple asset classes
  • Derivative Products: Learn how to monitor prices and analytics for futures, forward rates, options, and various swap types.
  • Portfolio Analysis: Learn how to use its Portfolio Analytics tool.
  • Productivity Suite: Learn how to integrate Factset data into Office apps.
  • Universal Screening: Develop, test, and confirm investment strategies.


Please consider reading this Haver Analytics training guide where you'll find an overview of the database and its plug-in features for both Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.


Please consider watching the first two RIT tutorial videos to get started. Several user guides have been created by RIT to help with installation, real-time data links and VBA with RIT. Click the links below to either view or download the files:

SDC Platinum

For help on getting started SDC Platinum, new users can refer to: