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1991 - 2016 Censuses

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What are Census Profiles?

Profiles give statistics for many hundreds of population characteristics for an area. Table 1, shows province-level Census  statistics.

Table 1, Census profile illustration.




Population, total



male, total



female, total



male, aged 0-4



female, aged 0-4



mother tongue, French only



mother tongue, French and English






legally married (and not separated)



Statistics Canada. 2007. Ontario, Quebec (tables). 2006 Community Profiles. 2006 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 92-591-XWE. Ottawa.

What are Topic-based tabulations?

Use Topic-based tabulations to tabulate two or more characteristics yourself, e.g., Education-Immigration-Sex table 97-562-XCB200601:

EDUCATION         Québec Ontario
Highest level of schooling IMMIGRANT? SEX    
Total non-immigrant male 2596125 3164910
  non-immigrant female 2754440 3334715
  immigrant  male 389240 1528165
  immigrant female 401715 1689360
No certificate, diploma non-immigrant male 666565 751430
  non-immigrant female 691140 721150
  immigrant male 80585 298530
  immigrant female 103775 396045
High school or equivalent non-immigrant male 551680 876495
  non-immigrant female 668725 971965
  immigrant male 69015 330320
  immigrant female 79645 423290
College, CEGEP, diploma/cert. non-immigrant male 385115 555990
  non-immigrant female 497450 742840
  immigrant male 50285 220875
  immigrant female 54540 272770
University certificate/degree non-immigrant male 374460 550620
  non-immigrant female 414385 622555
  immigrant male 115205 419100
  immigrant female 98080 385740

or you can cross-tabulate yourself from census microdata on Odesi



2016 Census

Statistics Canada releases a variety of statistical products for each census year. Below are links to some of these products, along with a brief description.

  • 2016 Census Profile
    This profile presents information from the 2016 Census of Population for various levels of geography, including provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, communities and census tracts.
  • 2016 Census Highlight Tables
    Highlight tables provide information highlights by topic via key indicators for various levels of geography. The tables allow users to perform simple rank and sort functions.
  • 2016 Census Analytical Products
    The 2016 Census Program Census in Brief articles provide an overview of key findings from the 2016 Census Program topics. Key findings are also presented through videos and infographics.
  • Census 2016 Data Tables
    This series of cross-tabulations present a portrait of Canada based on the various census topics. They range in complexity and are available for various levels of geography.
  • Census demographics and statistics
    Includes links to current and previous census statistics by community.

2011 Census Progam

COMPARE 2011 Census topics Versus 2006 Census topics.  
For missing Census topics, consult the data from the 2011 voluntary National Household Survey (NHS).

2006 Census of Population

Last Census covering multiple socio-economic themes.  Long-form questionnaire 2B (20%). Short-form questionnaire 2A (100%)

2001 Census of Population

1996 Census of Population

1991 Census of Population