Data and Statistics

Workforce and aging

In 2016, more than one-third of the working-age population was 55 or over  link



  1. GSS cycle 21, 2007 (universe: ages 45 and over), one StatCan article [LINK], other StatCan articles [LINK], Survey description [LINK]
  2. Canadian Community Health Survey 2008-2009(e.g., healthy aging, universe, ages 45 and over), StatCan articles [LINK], Survey description [LINK]
  3. Census and demographics – see some recent information from 2016 [LINK] and [LINK] and trends [LINK] … additionally we can find interesting information on housing, family structure and much more for seniors
  4. Labour Force Survey or similar for seniors, labour market, general [LINK] and [LINK] for starters