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Beyond 20/20

Download Beyond 20/20

    >To download the B20/20 viewer: access the Beyond 20/20 software support page and follow the screen instructions.

>Help using the Beyond 2020 viewer:

  • Flash demos [Link]
  • Guides [Link]
  • Overview brochure  [Link]
  • Brief videos tutorials created by Carleton University Library [Link]


  • Easily customize your data layouts and labels (including geocodes)
  • Supports various formats, particularly Excel, or for transfer to a wealth of formats for both statistical and GIS uses.

>Beyond 20/20 is compatible with Windows-based computers and supports .ivt tables. 


Ottawa Statistics

International Statistics

Some general sources:


Want to find out the difference between a mean is versus a median?  


... or this introductory glossary from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Finding aids to publications of Statistics Canada

Canada at a Glance

"Canada at a Glance presents current Canadian demographic, education, health and aging, justice, housing, income, labour market, household, economic, travel, financial, agricultural, foreign trade and environmental statistics. This booklet also includes important international comparisons, so that readers can see how Canada stacks up against its neighbours. Updated yearly, Canada at a Glance is a very useful reference for those who want quick access to current Canadian statistics."