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There are many steps to successfully publishing an article, from selecting the right journal to formatting your manuscript and navigating the submission process.

Review the available tools to help start your writing journey and locate a suitable journal for publication.

Writing an article

Writing a publishable manuscript can be intimidating. Explore the resources below to begin crafting a publishable manuscript.

Resources to get you started

Submission guidelines

If you have a journal or publisher in mind, consult their writing submission guidelines. Some examples include:

Peer writing mentor

Students can book an appointment with a UOttawa peer writing mentor (recommended for undergraduate students).

Finding a journal to publish in

When looking for the right journal to publish your research, it's essential to consider key factors to ensure your work reaches the appropriate audience and has the desired impact. Check out UOttawa's Choosing a journal webpage, which addresses these factors.

Talk to a subject matter expert in your research topic for journal recommendations. Here, your professors are your best resource for helping to find an appropriate venue to share your work.

Journal recommendation tools

Consider using these tools for journal recommendations:

Predatory and deceptive publishers or journals

Lookout for predatory and deceptive publishers or journals. Be especially cautious about unsolicited emails offering to publish your work – they are likely a scam.

Consult UOttawa's webpage on deceptive publishing to learn more about deceptive practices and for tips on how to evaluate legitimacy.

Use one of these tools to assess the journal's or publisher's credibility: