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There are lots of steps required when embarking in a systematic or scoping review. Familiarize yourself with them by:

Best practices recommends that prior to developing a robust search strategy, all researches should have:

  • A protocol:  According to PRISMA 2015, a protocol "...describes the rationale, hypothesis, and planned methods of the review." Consult the PRISMA-P protocol (for systematic reviews) or the PRISMA-ScR (for scoping reviews) checklist to see which items to include in a protocol. 
  • Three to five target articles: Target articles are articles that should show up in the search results. Having these articles will:
    • develop a robust search strategy and
    • ensure that the review will not be an empty review

Systematic Reviews: guides, manuals and videos

If you are doing a scoping or systematic review, consult uOttawa's systematic review libguide for additional resources for each step.

Learn why systematic reviews are important and how they are done by watching the video below.


Scoping review : guides, manuals and videos

Learn why scoping reviews are important and how they are done by watching the video below.




Covidence is web-based software platform that streamlines the production of evidence synthesis projects. University of Ottawa has an institutioinal subscription, so all students and researchers have access.

Check out uOttawa's Covidence libguide for more resources on how to use Covidence.