ARTstor: Offline Image Presentation Tool (OIV)


Click on the View Slide Presentation icon (shaded box with large green arrow) from the Slide Sorter or Slide Editor workspace toolbars, or go to the View menu bar item and select View Slide Presentation.

The quick presentation guide

The Quick Presentation Guide dialog box that appears once you activate the viewing mode disappears the moment you press a key.

To deactivate/reactivate the dialog box, go to the View menu bar item and under Dialogs select Show presentation quick guide. The check mark indicates that the feature is active.

Key Mappings:

[Space] or [ImagePage Down] - View next slide

[Shift + Space] or [ImagePage Up] - View previous slide

[Right Arrow] - View next object

[Left Arrow] - View previous object

[Esc] - Exit presentation mode

[Alt + 1] - Select screen #1 in multi-screen mode

[Alt + 2] - Select screen #2 in multi-screen mode

Zoomable image only

[Tab] - Change focus to next zoomable image

[=] - Zoom in

[-] - Zoom out

[0] - Fit to screen

[9] - Actual size

[shift left arrow] - move image left

[shift right arrow] - move image right

[shift up arrow] - move image up

[shift down arrow] - move image down

View images from the Image Palette workspace

Use the Image Palette viewer to enlarge images.

Double-click on a thumbnail, or click on the View Image Palette Presentation icon (shaded square with small green arrow) from the Image Palette toolbar, or right click or go to the View menu bar item and choose View Image Palette Presentation.