ARTstor: Offline Image Presentation Tool (OIV)

What is the OIV?

The OIV (offline Image Viewer) is software created by and available through ARTstor to create presentations which do not require Internet access to view. Import your ARTstor image groups, local images, as well as PowerPoint presentations. A logon to ARTstor is required when in the process of creating or modifying a presentation containing ARTstor images.

Installing the software

Find the Offline Image Viewer (OIV) software on the ARTstor support site.

  • Open and select the OIV_Installer.exe file to install program immediately to your computer.
  • Save to desktop (or other) and open to install the OIV_Installer.exe file immediately or close and do it at a later date. We recommend that you also save it to a USB memory key or CD/DVD to view an OIV presentation on another computer where the Internet may not be readily available, and/or to save time.

Note: If a security warning pops up indicating that the publisher could not be located and asking if you are sure you want to run this software, click on "Run" to install.

Follow the OIV Setup Wizard, if applicable.

To modify, repair or remove the OIV software simply re-execute the previous steps and choose the appropriate option.

Getting started

Import images to the Image Palette workspace, create slides, save and present.

When you access the OIV, the opening dialog box offers the following options:

  • Create a presentation from ARTstor images: A logon to ARTstor is required to import ARTstor image groups. Know more about image groups.
  • Create a presentation from my own images: Select image files.
  • Open an existing presentation.
  • Import a PowerPoint presentation.

Alternatively, go to the File menu bar item and select Open or New to open an existing OIV presentation or create a new one.

Import images

Choose Image Groups ARTstor, Local images or PowerPoint Presentation from the Insert menu bar item, when right clicking or the icons from the Image Palette workspace toolbar. 

Important: Deleting images from the Image Palette workspace will also delete them from the presentation slides in which they appear.

Learn how to copy a slide and its image(s) from another presentation.

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