Theses and dissertations

Theses and dissertations can, among other things, provide valuable bibliographies.

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Theses and dissertations as a research tool

Theses and dissertations are an often overlooked sources of information for research, but using them in your research may offer several benefits:

Just like journal articles, conference proceedings, and other forms of literature, they present original research. Recently completed theses can provide "sneak previews" of ideas and findings that have yet to reach the public via other publication formats. Other benefits:

- They may be the only publicly available work by authors who do not otherwise publish for general audiences or through commercial publishers.

- They contain extensive bibliographies.

- They provide inspiration for the formatting and presentation of ideas, graphs, charts, and other components of a document.

- They provide insight into the early work of a particular person and have value for historical and biographical purposes.

Adapted from The Tufts Libraries’ Research Guide

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