Accessing Haver Analytics

Haver can be accessed in the following Labs:

DLX View and Graph

Please click on the icon below which will be located on the desktop.

Computer lab - 21 computers
MRT 308 - Morriset Library

GSG Centre - 3 computers
MRT 309 - Morisset Library

FSS Library - 4 computers
FSS 2010

Financial Research and Learning Lab - 34 computers
DMS 2186

What is Haver Analytics?

Haver Analytics is a portal for all historical time series data for macroeconomic research and analysis. The database contains both annual economic statistics and daily market information. Data that can be obtained through the University of Ottawa's licenses include data for Canada and the U.S., G10+ Countries and emerging market countries.

Please visit the Haver Analytics for more information on the datasets and available resources.

When to use Haver Analytics

Use Haver Analytics as a complement to other available databases in order to:

  • Search economic data in order to support market research
  • Conduct situational analysis of local and global markets
  • Make comparisons between the economical strengths and weaknesses of different countries
  • Create forecasts based on current and historical economic statistics
  • Look for trends in economy

How-to-use Training Guide (4 Pages)

Page 1 - - - Intro
Pages 2-3 - Excel spreadsheets from Haver
Page 4 - - - Haver charts for Powerpoint

Haver Installation

To use Haver Analytics, Haver DLX View and Graph must be installed on your "Windows" computer.