Political Studies

Where to find books for your field?

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How to find books with OMNI

Go to OMNI  advanced search screen

Under format select Books from the drop-down menu

Type keywords that describe your topic (e.g. "Multiculturalism"). You can also type the author name or the year (e.g. Will Kymlicka)

Determine the book's availability and location

In the example below, the availability is shown in the green box

  • The book's location is shown in the red box below
  • If you see Available Online, click on the link to access the book.
  • For books that are in a library such as Morisset: use the call number (underlined in red)  to locate the book on the shelves.


Purchase Suggestions

If you would like to suggest a title for purchase, send me an e-mail at mguzmang@uottawa.ca 

Reading suggestions

Relevant e-book collections

The following online book collections provide numerous titles relevant to Political Studies:

The Library also has access to the Canadian Public Policy Collection: