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Research tips

Research tips to find French resources

  1. Identify french databases.
  2. Identify English databases for your speciality.  Here is a short procedure on how to find French articles in an English database.
    1. Start your search by using English terms (subjects/ keywords).
    2. Once your search is done, apply the language filter French / Français.
      1. If French/Français doesn’t appear in the language filter, it means that there are no French article for your search term.
    3. Restart your search, but this time, use French terms (subjects/keywords) to make sure that you haven’t missed any articles.
  3. Choose the Health Sciences Library’s French interface to obtain suggestions of French databases.   
  4. Even if some databases offer a French interface, we recommend that you use the English one as there are often some translation errors, which make searching more difficult.
  5. Even if you are searching in French, always use Boolean operators in English (AND, OR, NOT).

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