Research for Technical Report Writing

Learning Objectives

Based on the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, here's what you should be able to do after having completed the research process steps illustrated in this guide: 

  • Develop an appropriate research plan, while understanding that research is iterative (cyclical process) and that the plan may change throughout the research process
  • Analyze and interpret the information collected using a growing awareness of the topic to decide whether additional information is required or recognize when the information need has been met
  • Identify potential places to go and individuals to contact, within the library, for additional support and assistance


Welcome to the Research for Technical Report Writing for science and engineering course guide.  This guide, is designed to help you as you go through the research process. Use these tabs to navigate through the guide. 

Library Terminology

Libraries, databases and research use a lot of specific terminology that can be confusing and overwhelming. Understand what we mean when we use these common library terms.

Types of Sources

Explore the vast array of sources that are available to you for your research. Learn how to distinguish primary from secondary literature, when to use various source types and about the peer review process.


Getting Started

Learn how to take your interest / curiosity in a topic and transform it into a narrow and clearly defined research question.




Building your Search Strategy

Discover the best techniques for planning and preparing your search. A thoroughly developed search strategy will make your research easier and more powerful.

Running your Search

Learn how to use the most common science and engineering databases and the library catalogue to locate articles and books.

Evaluating your Results

Discover tools and strategies to use to help you evaluate the quality of the results you retrieve.





Citing your Sources

Learn the basics about citing, including the importance of appropriate referencing, style guide, and citation managements tools that can help you with the process.


Writing Resources

Writing can be daunting. Here we have gathered some resources that may help you with the writing process.