Research for Essay Writing in English

This libguide was created to provide information resources and tools for the students of the Essay Writing course ENG 1100

About this guide

Welcome to the Research and Essay Writing Library Guide. This guide is built to help students taking the course ENG 1100 succeed in their research paper assignments and to support any undergraduate students that are getting started with the research process.

Use the tabs at your left to navigate through the research process steps, and find tools and resources.

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Learning Objectives

Based on the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, here's what you should be able to do after having completed the research process steps of this guide:

  • Develop an appropriate research plan, while understanding that research is iterative (cyclical process) and that the plan may change throughout the research process
  • Analyze and interpret the information collected using a growing awareness of the topic to decide whether additional information is required or recognize when the information need has been met
  • Identify potential places to go and individuals to contact, within the library, for additional support and assistance

The Search Process

Remember that the search process is not linear, it is cyclical and iterative. You might need to repeat or refine some steps to successfully achieve your research goals.