How to Use Zotero

Bite-size search strategies to help you become an expert searcher.


  1. Click on a reference in your Zotero library
  2. Click the green arrow above the right column in Zotero (green arrow)
  3. Click "Library Lookup"
  4. If the item is available in the Library’s collection, follow one of the links to find the full-text
  5. Click the Zotero icon in your browser to save the reference and the full-text
  6. Return to Zotero and delete the original reference without the PDF

Complete Instructions


Task for learning: Identify one or two of your references in Zotero that do not have full-text attachments. Try the Library Lookup method to see if that helps you obtain full-text.

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[How to Use Zotero online course updated: November 8, 2022]