How to Use Zotero

Bite-size search strategies to help you become an expert searcher.


If a reference was added to Zotero from Google Scholar, a database or another Web site, it may have a link that will bring you back to it online where you can locate the full-text.

  1. Double-click on a reference in your Zotero library
    • If the reference has a link or a DOI, a page will open in your browser
    • If the reference does not have a link or DOI, nothing will happen
  2. If a page displaying a link to the full-text appears, click the Zotero icon in your browser to save the reference and the full-text (note, that in some cases, links lead to the original database without the full-text in which case you need to click on the "afficher/get it" link to locate the full-text)
  3. Return to Zotero and delete the original reference without the PDF

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Task for learning: Identify one or two of your references in Zotero that do not have full-text attachments. Try the double-clicking method to see if that helps you obtain full-text.

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