Films and videos

Use this guide to find films and videos at the library and online.


The Library has an extensive collection of 45,000 online videos and 10,000 DVDs that supports course-related instruction and informs general cultural literacy. It includes a wide array of foreign films, documentaries, and tutorials. 

Options for viewing DVDs: 

  • Faculty and staff can fill out the online request form to book either CRX 220 or CRX 230, which are both equipped to play DVDs. This option is not available for students. 
  • Use any of the computers on the first and third floor of Morisset Library (MRT) to view DVDs (using headphones), as they are all equipped with optical drivers and VLC players. 
  • Use the viewing stations in the Médiathèque (MRT 150), which are equipped with DVD players. To use them, students must go to the library service desk and ask for a TV remote and headphones. 
  • Borrow a DVD writer from the learning crossroads (CRX). This method requires a computer with video playing software (open source VLC recommended). 


View and create information in a variety of formats at the Media Library.


We offer a range of services that facilitate the use of videos in teaching and learning.

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