Films and videos

Use this guide to find films and videos at the library and online.

10 things you should know

  1. Second largest video collection in Ontario. We have an extensive collection of 10,000 DVS. Find films with the catalogue or visit our open stacks at the Morisset Library. Contact us for research help or to suggest a purchase.

  2. 45,000 online videos. We have a vast number and variety of online videos, including essentials documentaries and tutorials created by experts. Contact us if you would like to request online access to a movie for your class.

  3. Engage. Inform. Inspire. Videos can generate strong emotional responses. Use short clips to engage your students and help them retain information. Trying to find an elusive news clips, or movie scene? Contact us for research help.

  4. Clip service. We can prepare a clip or a series of clips for you. Send us your clip request. You can also do it yourself, using software like Screencast-O-Matic or the clip features available in most of our video databases.

  5. Booking. Planning to show a film in class? Book it in advance with OMNI. You can also book our projection room, which can play a variety of format and facilitate discussions – accommodates up to 26 people.

  6. Classrooms. The vast majority of classrooms are equipped with a projector, computer, Internet access, DVD player and sound system, that allow video projection. To learn more about technologies in classrooms, visit TLSS website.

  7. Copyright. An exception in the Copyright Act allows you to show any film in class, as long as it is a legal copy. You can use the library copy, or your own. There is no longer the need to ensure a public performance license is in place.

  8. YouTube, Netflix, iTunes. If a video is freely available on the Web, then displaying it in class is acceptable. Pay-per-view sites terms of services generally grant you limited access for personal use. We would advise against using them in class.

  9. VHS players. VHS players have been removed from classrooms but the Library is offering a number of services to ensure that these videos remain a part of your curriculum (DVD purchase, clips, and transfer).

  10. Video assignments. Capitalize on students' desire to express themselves through video by giving them the opportunity to produce assignments in this format. We can provide the required software and technical support.