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Welcome in the environmental law research guide!

You'll find resources to start your research.

  1. The "Legal Research" tab contains resources to introduce yourself to legal research in general.
  2. The "Primary sources" tab is place where you want to go if you are looking for case law and legislation.
  3. The "Secondary sources" tab contains suggestions of publications to get a good introduction to environmental law as well as tools that might help you find more of these resources.
  4. The "Government information" tab contains links to tools that could help you find publications from several levels of government.
  5. The "Legal news" tab contains suggestions of blogs published by law firms and other organizations.

Good luck!

Bibliothécaire de recherche (droit) / Research Librarian (Law)

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Nathalie Léonard
Bibliothèque de droit Brian-Dickson
Brian Dickson Law Library
(Pavillon Fauteux Hall)
Subjects: Droit, Law

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