Anatomy and Physical Examination

Bates -- OSCE Clinical Skills Videos


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Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination (Video Series)

OSCE Clinical Skills Videos

The videos are designed to help you prepare for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) by testing your clinical reasoning skills. In each video you will observe a clinical encounter and be given the opportunity to develop an assessment, or differential diagnosis, and provide an appropriate diagnostic workup.


Suggestions de livrels / ebooks suggestions

La démarche clinique


Démarche clinique : l’enseignement du raisonnement clinique, de l’entrevue médicale et de l’examen physique (Université Laval) (French only)


E-book :

Démarche clinique : raisonnement clinique, examen physique, entrevue médicale. Ratté, François; Collin, Isabelle ; Thériault, Julie F. 2017


Vidéos d'examen physique

You will have to create an account in order to have access to the videos. 

  1. Go to the Vidéos d'examen physique website
  2. Scroll down to the section "Banque de documents audiovisuels complémentaires au livre"
  3. Under "Accès à la banque", choose "non".
  4. Click on "Création d'un compte".
  5. Fill out the from and click"Créer un compte".
  6. Click on "Créer un compte".
  7. Scroll down to the section "Banque de documents audiovisuels complémentaires au livre", enter your unsername and password and click "Me connecter".
  8. Choose a category from the drop doen menu and choose a video. 

Video Collections

ICE Video Library

A wide collection of professionally filmed online videos featuring actual clinicians demonstrating examinations and treatment modalities with real patients, for clinical training to occupational therapists, physical therapists and assistants.




Medical reference textbooks and access to a "Lite" version of McGraw-Hill's USMLE comprehensive, online self-assessment service. Contains thousands of images and illustrations, interactive self-assessment, case files, diagnostic tools, a comprehensive search platform.

Please refer to the section Multimédia, offering a variety of videos and podclass.



Access Surgery is an integrated online resource that provides medical students, surgical residents, and practicing surgeons with quick answers to surgical inquiries from trusted sources. The content of this database include: Surgical videos, animations, textbooks and surgical atlas and anatomy.

Please refer to the section Multimédia, offering a variety of videos and podclass

Proquest Nursing and Allied Health Source

Follow the instructions below to access the video collection.

  1. Click on the Advanced Search tab.
  2. Search for your subject if you are looking for something specific or leave all the boxes empty if you want to see all the titles available.
  3. Limit your search by selecting  Audio & Video Works in the menu Source Type (see boxes, at the bottom of the page)
  4. Click Search.



Collection Multimedia OVID Databases: audio, video and images

  1. Connect to Medline or Embase or one of the  Ovid Databases
  2. Type your terms of research in the box of the Advanced Search
  3. Select the box Include Multmedia (under the box where you typed your terms)
  4. The search results will be available by format "View by" : Text and Mutlimedia


Medical audio and video material

Multidisciplinary videos

alexander street press

Rehabilitation Therapy in Video is the largest and richest streaming video resource ever assembled for the study of occupational therapy, physical/physiotherapy, and speech-language pathology. The collection allows students and faculty to easily find, cite, and share footage of top clinicians and academics explaining the underlying anatomical and neurological issues in specific patient populations, while demonstrating effective techniques and methods for their treatment. All of the video has been thoroughly indexed to allow users to search and filter content by patient details, therapist specialization, treatment method, presenting problem, and more.

Alexander Street Press

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video is an extensive video collection in the areas of fitness and health assessment, disease management, injury treatment, nutrition, medical fitness, sport science, work-site wellness, exercise adherence, and much more. Developed through an exclusive partnership with Healthy Learning, the world’s leading producer of sports medicine videos, the collection features an array of internationally renowned physicians, exercise scientists, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, registered dietitians, sport psychologists, personal trainers, and health/wellness experts who share information, ideas, and insights on the principles, techniques, and modalities of modern exercise science and sports medicine.

Counseling and Therapy in Video

Contains hundreds of hours of training videos, re-enactments and footage of actual therapy sessions. Provides a firsthand look at working with clients. A useful resource for students in psychology, social work and health sciences.

Kanopy logo


Kanopy offers a unique multidisciplinary collection of online videos and that meets the research interests of our community. There is a specific collection for Health videos in this collection that includes Child Health, Medicine, Mental Health, Nursing and Sport & Physiotherapy.

films on demand

Films on Demand provides instant access to an educational cross-curricular digital library on a wide range of subjects from academic to life-skills content. There is a special collection for Health & Medicine.