Clinical Guidelines

Tests, évaluations, questionnaires, Guidelines : Traduction en français ?? / French translation ??

Vous cherchez des traductions de tests ou d'évaluation ?? You are looking for translation of tests or assessments ??

APA PsycTESTS : est une bonne base pour commencer. Elle contient des traductions dans plusieurs langues, dont certaines en français. / PsycTESTS is the right place to start, it provides translations of tests and assessments. Some in French.

ScienceDirect : pour trouver des traductions et adaptation en français de tests, évaluations et même de lignes directrices. Faites votre recherche en cherchant simplement : traduction francaise / If you are looking for French translation of guidelines, tests, questionaires, etc... connect to ScienceDirect and search simply traduction francaise



DynaMed is a Point-of-Care, medical information database with nearly 2,000 clinical topic summaries that provides the best available evidence. Updated daily.


  1. Search for your topic/subject in the box
  2. In the left side, scroll down to  “Guidelines and resources”, and click to see all the Guidelines organized by country.




  1.   Search for your subject with the search box or the Advance search or the PICO search tool
  2.   Then use the Refine category (at the right) to select the Evidence type that you’re looking for : “Guidelines”  are presented by country

Lippincott Advisory


  • Consult/browse  the list provided in the section  "Clinical Guideline Summaries"
  • or search for your topic in the box at the top
  • for information on the "Best practices" : limit your subjet search with "best practice information sheets" in the Publication Types.



  1. Search your topic ou subject  in the title/abstract (.ti,ab.   [Title/Abstract])
  2. Limit the search using the filter "Publication type": "Guideline" or "Practice guideline"



  1. Search for your subject
  2. Search for the Subject Term (Subject Heading) = “Practice Guideline”
  3. Combine the sets with  AND

Joanna Briggs Institute EBP


  1. Search for your subject with the search box
  2. Limit your search by selecting “Recommended practice” in the Publication types list (blue box)

PEDro Physiotherapy Evidence Database


  1. Use the form in the Advanced Search page
  2. Indicate your topic/ subject in the appropriate field and select Practice Guideline in the box Method

Grey literature