Artstor: Basics and More

Your Personal Collection

Registered users can store privately content to Personal Collections. Upload and manage content that can be used alongside Artstor content. Uploaded image files can be cataloged, added to groups to be share with others, exported, and cited

To access your personal collection, go to the Browse menu bar item, select Personal Collections, and click on the grey Personal Collection button.

Uploading your images

From the landing page menu bar, go to Organize and choose Upload images to Personal Collection, or go to Browse, choose Personal Collections and click the Upload button next to Personal Collection.

  1. Browse or select files to upload; when they've finished loading click Done.
  2. Add data to the media you've uploaded, or close the window.
    1. If you choose to edit data now, click a thumbnail to expose the data fields.
    2. Select a field to add data, then click Save.
    3. Click the next thumbnail to add data, or choose Close.

Image types

.png (with alpha transparency), .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .jp2 / jpeg 2000, .cr2, .gif, .psd, .ai, .bmp, .eps, .nef, .svg, multi-page tiffs

File size upload recommendations

There is no limit to the file sizes that can be uploaded, however it is recommended to keep uploads under 20GB.

Storage limits

Personal collection storage is limited to 1 GB. Consult us if you have a project that requires more space.

Delays of up to 30 minutes may occur before your files and updated metadata become visible in your personal collection. Lags are due to local network speed and system-traffic, and the size of your upload.

Manage Files

Click on the thumbnail to open the detail page. Use the buttons in the upper right to generate a citation, download the file, print the file, or add it to a group.

To add or edit data for the file, click Edit Details. Make changes then click Save.

To delete the file permanently, choose Delete Record, then click Confirm at the prompt. You can also delete it directly from the detail page. Click the Delete Record button (under the File Properties section), then click Confirm at the prompt.