Finding Books in the Library

The Library's collection in English literature is located on the 4th floor of the Morisset Library. The Library uses the Library of Congress classification  to organize its collections. English Literature call numbers, the address of the book on the shelf, usually starts with the letters PR.

Books can also be stored at an off campus facility called the Library Annex. You can recall books from the Annex easily using OMNI.

Where to search

Hathi Trust

OMNI User Guide

Consult the OMNI User Guide for detailed information on the search interface and functions of the main search tool at uOttawa Ottawa Library.

How to find books with OMNI

Go to OMNI advanced search screen

Under Resource Type select Books from the drop-down menu

Type keywords that describe your topic (e.g. stage lighting, theatre)

Determine the book's availability and location

In the example below, the availability is shown in the green box

  • The book's location is shown in the red box below
  • If you see Available Online, click on the link to access the book.
  • For books that are in a library such as Morisset:, use the call number (in red box) to locate the book on the shelves.