APA PsycTests

APA PsycTests is a database of psychological tests produced by the American Psychological Association.

It provides full-text access to more than 75% of the tests indexed.

Most records include information about purpose, construct, reliability, validity, population, permissions and more.

For additional information, consult PsycTests YouTube videos.

APA PsycInfo

Use APA PsycInfo to locate articles that use specific tests or measures. Here's how:

  1. Use the "Multi-Field Search" option
  2. Type in the name of a test or a keyword related to the construct of interest
  3. Click Search

Your results will include references to studies that used tests with either the name or keyword searched. 

If there is a test record in APA PsycTests, click on the DOI link in the Test DOI field found in the detailed record in APA PsycInfo.

Additional resources

Search the following databases to identify tests:

Tests in the Library's collection

Use the catalogue to locate tests in the Library's collection:

  • Search by title if you know the name of test
  • Search by keyword using the word "test" and subject keywords
  • Search by subject using "psychological tests" or "psychological testing"

Tests are kept at the Library Annex and are identified by a call number with six numbers followed by a letter (A, B, C, D or E).

Some tests are restricted and may only be used by clinical psychologists to guarantee ethical administration, assessment and evaluation of test results, as governed by the Canadian Psychological Association. PhD students in clinical psychology can also have access to these tests.

Tests must be requested in person at the Morisset Library Service Desk. Information about access to tests will be provided in person at the Service Desk.