Introduction to finding data and statistics

This guide provides an overview of the data services available at the library. It will help you understand the research process and will enable you to save time by using library resources more efficiently.

Data Services Team

The Data Services team is comprised a group of various experts. Beyond helping you find the data that you need, we also provide support for manipulating data, visualizing your data, and citing data sources.  Contact us at or contact one of our specialist directly below. 

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Chantal Ripp
Research Librarian, Data (Education, Law, Management, Social Sciences) and Government Information


Research Guide:

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Susan Mowers
Research Librarian, Data (Health Sciences, Medicine, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Research Guide:

Hugo Crites
Data Support Specialist

Research Guide:

René Duplain
Research Librarian, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Geography

Research Guides:

Pierre Leblanc
Cartographic Geographic Information System Support Specialist