Introduction to finding data and statistics

This guide provides an overview of the data services available at the library. It will help you understand the research process and will enable you to save time by using library resources more efficiently.

What is PCCF and PCCF+?

  • The Postal CodeOM Conversion File (PCCF) links six-character postal codesOM to standard geographic areas such as dissemination areas, census tracts, and census subdivisions.
  • By linking postal codesOM to standard geographic areas, the file facilitates the extraction and subsequent aggregation of data for selected geographic areas.
  • The PCCF also associates each postal codeOM with a longitude and latitude coordinate to support mapping applications.
  • The Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) is a SAS© control program and set of associated datasets derived from the Postal CodeOM Conversion File (PCCF).  The PCCF+ differs from the PCCF in that it uses population-weighted random allocation for Postal CodesOM that link to more than one geographic area. 

How to access the PCCF and PCCF+ files

  • Due to licensing restrictions, online access to the PCCF & PCCF+ is not available.
  • To obtain a copy of the PCCF data, contact the Data Services Team

How to use the PCCF