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The terms below may be helpful when searching in databases and the University of Ottawa's catalogue (Omni):

  • medical education
  • medical school
  • medical student
  • medical college
  • undergraduate medical education
  • graduate medical education
  • medical residen*
  • medical internship
  • residen*
  • health profession* education


Sample Search

Here is a sample search on this topic entered into the library's catalogue (OMNI). You can access OMNI from the library's home page


Common database search operators

Quotation marks -- " "

e.g. "public health" (will retrieve documents that contain this exact phrase)

Truncation -- *

e.g. Canad* (will retrieve documents that contain Canada, Canadian, Canadians, canadien, etc.)

Wildcards -- ?

e.g. wom?n (will retrive documents that contain woman or women)

Please note that operators and search syntax may vary from database to database: consult specific database help pages for more information.

Recent e-books

Here's a list of recent e-books on Medical Education that you can access online through the University of Ottawa Library.

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