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Sandbox: Music Scores in the Library Collections

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Find Music Scores with Search +


Finding  musical scores for performance or study is often challenging.

It is usually more effective to use the advanced search screen of the Library's discovery tool, rather than the general search box to find performance materials available at the Library.

The advance search interface  offers more customization options to find specific formats such as scores.

Location Codes for the Music Collections including Scores

Location Codes
Morisset Library


MRT-AV Compact discs, and DVDs kept behind the circulation desk at the Library.
MRT-BAND Multi-part band and harmony music scores and parts. They are located  behind the circulation desk at the library. These scores circulate only to band music conductors and repertoire teachers.
MRT-CHOI Multiple copies of choral sheet music. One copy is given the code MRT-CHOI and located in reserve.The other copies are given the location YSTO and are kept at the Annex. These scores circulate only to the School of Music choir masters. They are  recalled from the Annex by request and picked up by members of the choir at the  Library's circulation desk.
MRT-FOL Oversize scores or books.
MRT-GEN  Any regular size circulating scores or books.
MRT-MINI  Scores measuring up to 20 cm. They are integrated into the general collection (MRT-GEN).
MRT-ORCH Multi-parts orchestral music scores and parts. They are located behind the circulation desk.These scores circulate only to the School of Music orchestra conductors and their teaching assistants.They are  recalled from the Annex by request. Parts are distributed to members of the orchestra, usually by a student assistant who obtains the signature of the borrower of each part and is responsible for the return of the parts.
MRT-REF   Books or scores for reference consultation in the Library only.
MRT-Reserve Small permanent collection of scores kept behind the circulation desk at the Library. Also location for materials set aside by professors for specific courses.

Find Scores by Call Numbers

Music scores at the Library are arranged according the Library of Congress classification system. Call numbers for music scores start with the letter M and can be found in various location at the Library (see location codes). 

Please note that sound recordings follow a different classification scheme. To find sound recording, use Omni to retrieve the work you need and limit your search  to material type  "Audiovisual".

Find Scores in the "Complete Works" using Grove Music Online

Step 1. Access Grove Music Online and search for a specific composer. Composers have comprehensive biographical entries.

Step 2. Click on "Works"  from the navigation menu. The complete editions are listed at the top of the list of works.

Note the abbreviations associated with each complete edition or catalogue.

Step 3. Find the entry for the piece you are looking for. Use CTRL-F to find a piece quickly.

The right-hand columns will  provide the location of the piece in specific editions and catalogues. Entries will  usually include volumes and page numbers.


Step 4.  Locate the complete works on the shelf  (MRT-GEN  4th floor). The complete works are located in section M3They are organized alphabetically by composers. For example the complete editions of Mozart would be in section M3 M