Help with the most common platforms

eReader software

Introduction to Ebooks

There are plenty of Ebooks available from the Library. Ebooks can be downloaded to your personal device or read in browser. This guide will help answer your questions regarding accessing and downloading Ebooks. If we haven’t answered your question in this guide, you can always email us

Here are a few features:

  • Search by keyword
  • Highlight text and create notes
  • Download and print a limited number of pages, according to limits set by publisher

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Can I download and print an entire Ebook?

The number of PDF pages downloaded and printed is set individually by each publisher in accordance with copyright laws.

Can I put an Ebook on hold?

At this time, except for books on the Ebscohost platform, it is impossible to place a hold on an eBook title.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to read Ebooks?

An Internet connection is not required if you have already downloaded the Ebook.

I'm using a public computer in the Library and am unable to download Ebooks on ProQuest Ebook Central.

External users are unable to download content from ProQuest Ebook Central. UOttawa users can download content, but will be asked to use their off-campus login credentials (full uOttawa email and password).