Use this guide to find images at the library and online.

Recommended library databases

The Library offers databases which exclusively or in part contain images on a wide range of subjects. Take a look at our recommendations or consult the complete list.

How to connect from off-campus.

Finding images

Photographer's Reflection by Bien Stephenson

Searching for images in Google, Flickr or one of the library's databases?

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Creative Commons-licensed and public domain images

Images in the public domain or under a Creative Commons licence are free to use. The platforms below aggregate or contain these types of images. Look for the Creative Commons icon or acronym to determine the conditions of use.

  • Flickr - Search and then filter by licence under "Any license"
  • Pixabay - All images under Pixabay licence (similar to CC0)
  • Pexels - All images under Pexels licence (similar to CC0)
  • Visual Hunt - Under various CC licences; search and then filter by licence type
  • Unsplash - All images under Unsplash licence (similar to CC0)
  • Burst - All images under Burst licence (similar to CC0)
  • Noun Project - Icons and images under various Creative Commons licences
  • Open Clip Art - All images in the public domain (CC0)

More recommendations

If you want to illustrate something specific with an image, you may want to start your research using aggregators, stock photography or archive collections.

Image aggregators

Stock photography

Stock photos are not automatically free. They are usually made available under three types of licences:

  • Public domain: free to use for a variety of purposes without purchasing a licence
  • Royalty-free: right to use the photo under some restrictions in exchange for a one-time payment
  • Rights-managed: right to use the photo ONCE under circumstances specified by the licence in exchange for payment; additional uses require additional licence and payment



More sites we like

Many Internet memes take the form of an image. See them before they spread :