Canadian Legislation and Case Law

This guide is a starting point for legal research on Canadian legislation and case law.

Print Collection

The Brian Dickson Law Library has a substantial collection of canadian legislation and case law.

The Canadian legislation is located on the 4th floor (stacks SLR4-1 to SL4-11), beginning with federal and followed by provincial in alphabetical order.

Documents are classified in the following order for all jurisdictions:

  • Annual Statutes
  • Revised Statutes (consolidation)
  • Statute Citators
  • Gazettes/Regulations

Parliamentary Documents (Bills, Debates, Committees, Journals, etc.):
The federal and provincial parliamentary documents are located on the 4th floor, following stack SLR-4-36. The classification scheme is posted on the end of each stack.

General Law Reports (4th floor):
Canadian Reporters that include case law on a wide variety of subjects (Ex. Supreme Court Reports, Dominion Law Reports) are also located on the 4th floor, in stacks SLR4-16 to SLR4-29

Specialized Law Reports (5th floor):
Reporters that include case law on a specific subject (Ex. Canadian Criminal Cases, Canadian Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases) are in our General Collection on the 5th floor. 

Major Law Reports and Statutes

List of Major Law Reports and Statutes available at the Brian Dickson Law Library.

(requires Adobe Acrobat)

            (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Annotated Codes and Acts

Looking for references to case law and/or journal articles analyzing a section of a specific code or act?

If so, you’ll find that annotated codes or acts are very useful documents!

These texts present the full-text of the code or the act, references (or summaries) to cases rendered by Canadian courts and/or citations to journal articles published in legal periodicals interpreting each section of the act. Some examples include: Snow’s Annotated Criminal Code, The … Annotated Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada, and Modern First Nations Legislation Annotated.

By clicking on one of the following links, you can access a partial list of annotated codes or acts available at the library focusing on the federal, Ontario and Quebec jurisdictions.

Library Floor Plans.

The Brian Dickson Law Library occupies the 4th and 5th floors of Fauteux Hall.

4th Floor:

Brian-Dickson Reading Room 419C / Washrooms 418A-B / Law Computer Lab 430 / Training Room 421

Collections : reference, legislation, general law reports, american law reports, parliamentary documents.

5th Floor:

Discussion Rooms
Collections : general (monographs, specialized law reports), periodicals, factum.

N.B.- Access the 5th Floor from stairwells D and C from inside the Library.