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Please have a look at the Education review, an online education journal from the Faculty of education.

Peer-reviewed articles

Peer-reviewed (or refereed) journals are scholarly publications where articles submitted for publication must first be approved by a reading committee of experts in the field. Although not absolutely fool-proof, this process is generally accepted as being a measure of the quality of an article's content.

When in doubt about whether a journal is peer-reviewed or not, you can use the Ulrich's Periodicals Directory database to identify journals that are peer-reviewed. (Look for the Greek Column icon to the left of the title.)

Databases: Education

Databases: Multidisciplinary

How to get the full-text (or PDF) of an article

While some databases contain the full-text of articles, others will only provide a citation. When this happens, use the Get It! button (located to the right of the citation) to find out whether another database can provide access to the full-text. (For more about this, consult the page Link to Full-Text Articles with "Get It!".) If you follow this link, you will find more about obtaining a copy of an article.

How to get an article from a paper format periodical at the Annex:
Sometimes a periodical is only available in print format. In such cases, take down the call number and proceed to the 6th floor of Morisset.

How to get an electronic version of a printed document at the Annex:

If the periodical is listed as being at the Annex, you can request a copy of the specific article, here's how you would go about it.

Inter-Library Loan

In cases where the library does not own a journal, you might be able to get a hold of the article via an Inter-Library Loan (Racer) or through one of our partners in the Sm@rtLibrary.