Finding theses

If you are looking for theses in particular, please explore this link which will enable you to see what  has been published on a given subject here at the University of Ottawa and abroad. Still haven't found what you are looking for ? Don't  hesitate to contact the reference service or your subject librarian.

New database : Open Access Theses and Dissertations. This tool will facilitate your finding theses in open access.

Tips on how to search the library catalogue

When browsing for material, a keyword search is usually a good way to start. But for more precise results, once you start to identify subject headings used to describe the content of the item (for example, subjects, descriptors, tags...), focus on those instead.

Do not hesitate to contact the library's Reference Service directly.

Suggested Reading

Electronic books

The Library has a growing collection of e-books in nearly all subjects by many different publishers. These can be reference works for quick verification, such as encyclopedias; research books written for an academic audience; or textbooks used by professors in classroom teaching.

The various e-book databases provide such features as: searching the full content of one or multiple books simultaneously; highlighting text; adding personal notes and creating one’s own bookshelf; downloading content; linking out to cited content; and exporting references to RefWorks

  • Search the catalogue (by keyword, title, or subject). Choose Modify or Limit/Sort Search. Select Material Type: EBOOKS.
  • When browsing a list of titles, regardless of the material type, look for [electronic resource], [ressource électronique] in the title. These phrases can also be used when performing a Keyword search.
  • To access Electronic Resources, click on the hyperlink provided under Electronic Access in the complete reference.

Have a look at the new guide for electronic resources. In it, you will find that you have to consult each collection separately since it is impossible to offer access to all of them from one single platform.

Where to search

Books at the Annex or at Roger Guindon Hall

If the document you need happens to be at the Annex or at Roger Guindon Hall, here's how to get it:

When you find a document located at the Annex or at Roger Guindon Hall, these documents are located away from the main campus. In both cases, as an Education student, you can have them delivered to the location of your choice, you don't have to go to that location. For all other libraries, you are expected to go and get the document since the other libraries are at a walking distance.

Here are the steps for 1)  getting documents from the Annex:

For documents located at the Annex, you can request them electronically using the interface of the library catalogue:

1) Do your research on the library catalogue page; for example, you are looking for the video "Islands in the stream";

2) When you find the title you need in the catalogue, click on the title, in this case, the video is the second entry;

3) When you click on the title of the second entry, it opens a window;

4) Then, click on locations

5) Finally, click on Library Annex, a new window opens in the classic catalogue and you have access to the "Request" or "Book this item" buttons. When you click on them, you will be prompted to fill out a form asking your name, your barcode and your date of birth.

You are now ready to request it and have it delivered at the Morisset library or the Faculty of Education Resource Centre (FERC).

Here's how you can get documents from 2) Roger Guindon Hall:

For documents you need located at the Roger Guindon Hall, you can ask them at the FERC's circulation desk or the Morisset Circulation desk depending on where you prefer to pick them up. Your request will be processed.