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EU Bookshop -- The publications portal that lists all free and for-sale publications of the European Union institutions and agencies as well as other decentralised bodies of the EU dealing with publications.

Find-eR -- A tool for searching multiple EU library resources in one interface. It includes the European Commission Library collections, plus millions of online full-text journal articles and eBooks.

ECLAS -- Catalogue of the European Commission's Central Library. A comprehensive collection of EU publications in all European languages. 

ARCHISplus -- Database of the Historical Archives of the European Commission that contains references to files of European institutions from their beginnings to today. At present the database includes references to files of the High Authority of the ECSC, the ECSC Consultative Committee and the Committee of Four Presidents, Euratom, the European Economic Commission and the Commission of the European Communities for the period ranging from 1952 to 1977.

Europeana -- Digital library of European cultural collections.

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