Business Law

Legal forms and precedents

What are forms and precedents?

  • Samples of common legal documents.
  • Forms that are legislated by statute or regulation.
  • Can also include materials that have evolved through common use to become accepted standards.

Why would I want to use them?

  • To save time.
  • To help you understand what information to include and what structure to use.
  • Some forms are legislated and must be used in certain situations.

How would I use them?

  • Find a sample form or precedent that suits your situation as closely as possible.
  • Tailor the precedent to suit your client's needs. Remember, these are sample wordings or frameworks, not complete "fill in the blanks."
  • Ensure that the resulting form addresses all the necessary issues and does not do anything you don't want it to do. 

Text from the Great Library of the Law Society of Upper Canada: How to Find Forms and Precedents (last reviewed February 24, 2015)

Finding Legal Forms

Below are a few examples of resources which provide samples of legal forms.

To find other Canadian business law forms, try using the following search terms in the Subject field in OMNI :

  • Business law -- Canada -- Forms
  • Corporation law -- Canada -- Forms
  • Commercial law -- Canada -- Forms
  • Canada -- Forms (law)