Chemical Engineering

About this guide

Welcome to the chemical engineering research guide.  This guide will serve as your gateway to the most relevant research tools you will need. Research tools are arranged by category and can be accessed by selecting from the tabs above.

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Search Tips

Start by formulating a solid search strategy

Before you begin searching the literature, it's important to have properly defined your topic and chosen appropriate key words.

Search flow chart


Choose appropriate search tools:

  • Looking for research articles, search key databases in chemical engineering;
  • Looking for information regarding the chemical industry?  Consult our selection of resources where you'll be able to find industry profiles, statistics, and much more;
  • Looking for physical property data, handbooks, sources in crystallography?  Consult our selection of resources, more can be located in Search+;
  • Searching for conference proceedings, patents, and much more?  Consult our grey literature resources;
  • If your research is multidisciplinary, consider searching other subject databases.  Consult the appropriate research guides to identify key resources.

For more research strategies, consult the Technical Report Writing (ENG1112) research guide.