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Modify Your Results

This page describes how you can modify your search results. The table below highlights some of the ways that you can narrow down your search results by selecting filters, or facets,  to the left of the results list.

Sort by section Re-order your results by Relevance, Date, Title or Author
Availability section Limit results to...
Available online Only electronic content (exclude print)
Peer-Reviewed Journals Journals and articles that have been reviewed by a committee of specialists 
Open Access Only content freely available without a subscription or purchase
Available in uOttawa Library Physical material available in the Library
Resource Type section (highlights) Type of content, including articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings, and much more
Reference Entries Content from a book designed to be consulted when authoritative information is needed, rather than read cover to cover.
Text Resources Unclassifiable textual sources.  Includes pamphlets, papers, electronic resources, personal narratives, transcripts, publications and exams
Realia Actual objects in the library collection (ex. microphone)
Publication Date section Use the From and To arrows to narrow down results according to date
Subject section Broad subject areas
Author/Creator The author, publisher, creator or producer of content
uOttawa Library Location The physical location of material at uOttawa
Other Omni Libraries The physical location of material of the 17 Omni partner libraries
Language The language of the item



Modify Your Results - Facets

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