How to Use Omni

Additional Features

All of the additional features described below are available in the Advanced Search page.

Journal Search

The Journal Search tab located at the top of the Advanced Search screen allows you to search for a journal title or ISSN (International Standard Serial Number, a unique numeric identifier for a journal). This is a quick way to browse through tables of contents, all issues of a specific journal, or all articles in one issue of a journal.  


Favourites & Search History

After doing a search in Omni, you will notice a pin icon next to records of books and articles. If you click on the pins, items will be added to a list of favourites. When you're done selecting items, click on the pin icon at the top of the screen. 

If you want to see your search history, select the pin, then select the Search History Tab. This will display your recent searches.



Omni offers browsing by author, title, subject heading, or call number. Browsing allows you to see all books published by an author, all editions of a book, subject headings and subheadings, and to browse through books by their locations in the library - also known as their call number.

Logging In

Logging in to Omni offers additional features such as personalizing search results, emailing, printing, and exporting favourites, and requesting items.

You can personalize your search results by selecting the "personalize your results" slider after logging in and doing a search. This feature pre-sorts results based on parameters you select. If you always want results from business literature for example, you can select that option here. Just be careful to turn the feature off if you search outside of your usual literature.

Emailing, printing, or exporting a list of results is possible. Just identify the items, add them to your favourites by using the pin icon, review your list, and then click on the ellipsis (...) to view your options.

When you're logged in, you can request items. Just click on "Place a Hold" or "Get it from another library" under the words "How to get it" after logging in and viewing the item.

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