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French resources in Health Sciences


Find the right MeSH in French

French website that allow Medline’s francophone users to find MeSH terms from French keywords.

Dictionaries, glossaries and specialized thesaurus

Thesauri are dictionaries of terms specific to a given domain. They are used for research in bibliographic databases called "controlled vocabulary ". The terms of the thesaurus, or descriptors (subject headings) are used to express the various synonyms for a concept consistently.

Medical terminology is a language that is used in health care settings. Medical terms are built from Greek and Latin word parts and in addition include acronymns, eponyms, and modern-day language terms. Learning a new language can be a daunting task. In this resource, we offer a method for breaking down medical words that takes that daunting task and makes it manageable.

Medical resources available in French and in English

In Canada, some of our institution produce and translate their documentation in French, English or even in other languages when the population needs it.  Don't forget to explore these collections to discover the right terms or just to read a document in our favourite language. Here some example of website offering resources in Health.


And here are some medical resources produced by Health organizations around the world that create quality and reliable information in many languages:

Dictionaries and translation tools


Translation and localizations or cultural identities

There is no one French but a variety of French. And translating can be a complicated exercise. Here are some resources that take into consideration regional nuances and represent “les francophonies”.

For additional resources on dictionaries and theories for translating, please see the excellent guides  "Translation and Interpretation" or "Bilingualism Studies (OLBI) and Second Language Teaching".

French Dictionaries

How to find dictionaries

To find dictionaries in the field you want to use the catalogue  and search by topic by entering the following terms, for example:

  • médecine -- dictionnaires français

You wil get the following results: results