Heart Institute

Getting a "Library Account"

I'm a new staff member at the Heart Institute, how do I get my library account?

uOttawa affiliate:

uOttawa Library resources are available using your @uottawa.ca email and password. 

Don't have an email yet? Please contact the Faculty of Medicine HR: https://www.uottawa.ca/faculty-medicine/human-resources

Locked out of your account? Reset your password here: https://uoforms.uottawa.ca/it/en/password-reset-request

Have an @uottawa.ca email but never received your first password? Submit a ticket here: https://uoforms.uottawa.ca/it/en/service_desk_request_visitor

Non-uOttawa affiliate:

There are two options for non-uOttawa affiliates to obtain access to library resources.

Option 1:

The Berkman Library subscribes to a handful of cardiology journals, as well as Dynamed. These are accessible from any computer in the Heart Institute, or via Heart Institute VPN. The Berkman Library also has 5 computers which are networked to be "on campus", meaning you don't need a uOttawa login, you just need to navigate to resources through the uOttawa Library website. Please also see "Non-Affiliate Services". 

Option 2:

You can request a library account be made for you especially, but only under strict conditions (namely that your work at the Heart Institute will directly support either research or teaching for the University). Please contact me for more information on how to create an account. 

Non-Affiliate Services

I'm a Heart Institute employee but am not affiliated to the University. What services can I access?

The following is a list of services that are available to Heart Institute employees, regardless of their University affiliation. Please contact the Berkman Librarian for more details.


  • You have full access to the Berkman Library (H-2205), its computers, and books


  • Can check out any book from the Berkman Library onsite
  • Can access journals and e-books from the University of Ottawa from Berkman Library computers
  • Can order books from other University of Ottawa libraries
  • Interlibrary loan services for journal articles

Librarian Services

  • Literature search services
  • 1:1 consults
  • Systematic review planning and search support
  • Instructional sessions (individual or group)


Accessing Journal Articles

I'm not affiliated to the University of Ottawa, can I still access articles and databases?

Yes, however you must use one of the computers in the Berkman Library (H-2205) to access the University’s collection. All of the computers in the Berkman Library are considered “on-campus” University of Ottawa computers, meaning that you can access the entire uOttawa collection without a uOttawa email or password.

How do I access a specific article that I'm looking for?

  1. Go to the Berkman Library page: https://www.uottawa.ca/library/berkman-library
  2. Click “PubMed” (this tells PubMed you are from the University of Ottawa) 

  1. Make your search and select your article of interest

  1. Click the “Afficher!/Get it!” Button to be connected to the University of Ottawa collection 

I can't find an article that I'm looking for, can you help?

Absolutely. Regardless of affiliation, I can try to find or interlibrary loan articles on your behalf. Please email the library with your request. If the article is directly related to patient care, please let me know so that I can put a rush request on it if need be.

I keep seeing the following notice, why can't I access the article?

This means that the journal in question is only held through the Heart Institute (the rest of the University is not able to access it), meaning that you need to either be accessing it through a Heart Institute computer or through your Heart Institute VPN.

Borrowing Books

How do I borrow books from the Berkman Library (H-2205)?

Fill out your name and the date on the catalogue card found within the book's cover, and slide it under the door of my office.


Snap a picture of the book's cover (ensuring the barcode is legible) and email it to me to let me know that you've checked out the book.

Who is allowed to borrow books from the Berkman Library (H-2205)?

Anyone with a Heart Institute employee pass or @ottawaheart.ca email can borrow books from the Berkman Library. 

Can I borrow books from other uOttawa libraries?

Absolutely! We have a courrier who delivers books between the campus libraries on a daily basis. 

I'd like a book from another institution, can you order it in for me?

University affiliate: You can make your own interlibrary loan requests here: https://www.uottawa.ca/library/services/interlibrary-loan

Non-affiliate: Yes. Please contact me and I can place an interlibrary loan request on your behalf. If you already have a library profile and know how to use Omni, you can also place requests yourself (see link above for more information).

Can I access uOttawa e-books if I'm not affiliated?

Yes, though access is a bit limited. The computers in the Berkman Library are considered "on-campus", meaning that you don't need a uOttawa login to access e-books, journals or databases. If the library is not your preferred study/work space, I would recommend saving the chapter(s) you need, so that you can review them at a later time/place.