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Access articles via Library subscriptions

Mobile Pairing allows you to access articles included in the Library's subscription.

Some websites will pair your mobile device automatically if you access the site while on the University of Ottawa wi-fi network.

For other websites, you must set-up mobile pairing on your device.

In general, to pair a mobile device, you must

  1. Access the website while on the University of Ottawa wi-fi network, either via your mobile device or a computer.
  2. Click on the "Mobile" link often found at the top right corner of the website's home page.
  3. Create a user account for the website.
  4. Access your e-mail using your mobile device and click on the validation link or passcode.
  5. Mobile pairing requires renewal after a set number of days as indicated on the e-journal or e-book collection's website.

You should now have subscriber access even if you're off-campus.

Please note that mobile pairing instructions may vary depending on the website.


For more information about off-campus access, consult the Library's website.

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