Human Kinetics

Choosing appropriate databases

On this page, you will find a selection of databases that can be used to locate articles on your research topic.  Key databases in human kinetics, health sciences, management, and social sciences have been listed. 

Depending on your topic, you may want to consult resources in related subject areas such as anthropology, psychology, etc..  Pertinent research  guides have been listed in order to help you identify other potential databases. For pertinent research guides to find other potential databases, look at the full listing of all research guides on the library's website.

Should you require any assistance finding or using databases, do not hesitate to contact your research librarian.

Key Databases in Human Kinetics

Multidisciplinary Databases

Human Kinetics research can fall under a few subject areas, so you may need to search multidisciplinary databases.

Business/Management Databases

Health Databases

Social Sciences and Humanities Databases

General Search Tips

Common database search operators:

Quotation marks -- " "

e.g. "public health" (will retrieve documents that contain this phrase)

Boolean operators -- AND, OR, NOT

e.g. diabetes AND children (will retrieve documents that contain both keywords)

Proximity operators -- Nn, Wn, ADJn, SAME, NEAR

e.g. poverty W5 health (will retrieve documents that contain both keywords within five words of one another regardless of the order in which they appear)

Truncation -- *

e.g. Canad* (will retrieve documents that contain Canada, Canadian, Canadians, canadien, etc.)

Wildcards -- ?

e.g. wom?n (will retrive documents that contain woman or women)

Please note that operators and search syntax may vary from database to database: consult specific database help pages for more information. Most databases ignore certain common words -- articles, conjunctions and prepositions -- such as the, a, of, for, but...