Engineering Management

Find books in the Library's collection

  1. Use the Advanced Search in Omni
  2. Under format select Books from the drop-down menu
  3. Type the title of the book or keywords that describe your topic (e.g. fiber optics, climate change)
  4. Determine the book's location
  • If you see Available Online, click on the title to access the ebook
  • For print books that are in a library:
    • Click on the title and then on "Classic View" to make sure the book is available
    • It will say "in library" under "status" if the book is available
    • Take note of the call # and location (Morisset Reference vs Morisset General; Health Sciences Library at RGN).
    • Use the call number to locate the book on the shelves
    • If the book is not available or is located at the Library Annex, click on the "request" button to put a hold on the title.

E-Books Collections in Engineering Management and Related Disciplines

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Dictionaries and encyclopedias can help you get an overview of your subject, clarify new terms or concepts, and identifiy keywords in your search for more information.