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Search tips

Symbol Description Action Example
AND, OR Boolean operators

AND = search for articles that contaion both terms

OR = search for articles that contain one or the other term

economy AND finance

entreprise OR business OR corporation

" " Quotation Marks Search for articles that contain the exact phrase. "corporate social responsibility"
() Brackets Groups terms and, in some cases, provides search order for terms (i.e.the search gives priority to  the terms in brackets). ("social responsibility" AND business) AND Canada

Other tips:

  • Use synonyms or related terms to broaden your search and to cover the different variations of a word..
  • Refine your search using the limiters or facets provided by the database..

Canadian Government Information Search Engine

Search the websites of Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments to find documents, webpages, reports, etc. that mention your chosen company. (Special thanks to David Sharp, Carleton University.)