Financial Research and Learning Lab

How to Access WRDS


WRDS is available on all terminals in the Financial Research and Learning Lab (Desmarais 2186).

WRDS  will also be made available on all three computer labs in Desmarais (DMS2130, DMS2140, DMS2150).

Accessible on the remote lab with 90 minutes per session.

1. Click on the WRDS icon located on the desktop

2. Request a temporary account

3. Login to the account

At Home

Professors, Masters students and researchers can request an anywhere access WRDS account by following the below steps.

1. Go to the WRDS website

2. Select the Register tab or link "Register for a WRDS Account."

3. Complete the Account Request form.

4. Once you submit, an email will be sent to the WRDS Representative

5. An account will be created once you get approval will receive a URL with instructions for setting the account password to log into WRDS. (You will also be notified if the account request has been denied for any reason.)



WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

What is WRDS?

WRDS is an industry standard business research database for information on accounting, stocks, bonds, loans, banking, insurance, real estate, economics, marketing statistics and more. It allows for easy standardized searches of this information in its easy to use portal.

It is a web-based service that was developed by The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Many databases feed into WRDS including Compustat and CRSP and information from these databases can be easily extracted using the portal and its easy to follow steps. It is one of the most well respected resources for Professors and Master's students conducting any sort of financial research and writing major papers.

For more information about WRDS and its resources please visit the website's about section.

Getting Started with WRDS

Please consult the below presentation in order to get a brief overview of WRDS:

Content includes:

  • Accessing the Data
  • Sources of Financial Data
  • Compustat & CRSP
  • Advanced Access Features- Using SAS at WRDS

WRDS e-Learning

You can access the many WRDS e-Learning videos once you have created an account.

There are videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. Each video also has a PowerPoint presentation to follow.

Books on SAS

Below are some books on the SAS software recommended by the WRDS team.

Note: To access these books, you may require your library username and password. Contact the Management Library for more information.